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Poker Deposit Bonuses Presents: Basic Poker Terminology

Poker Tips

We’ve seen it many times: amateur poker players rushing to collect bonuses with the aim of becoming millionaires overnight. Players multitasking during online poker tournaments. Professional poker players failing to familiarize themselves with online poker game rules. Lack of information seems to be the main problem in all cases; don’t miss the chance to learn the rules before you start gambling! Poker Deposit Bonuses wish you luck!

So, what is poker? The question may sound outlandish, but you would be surprised to learn how many people actually don’t know the answer to this simple question. Simply put, poker has one winning rule only: have the best hand of all players. Sound simple, but various poker variants have different rules when it comes to card combining. If unfamiliar with the poker variant you’re interested in, make sure to learn the rules beforehand. Plus, keep in mind that there may be 2 to 7 poker players per game and various number of card decks involved.

Poker Terminology

Here is some basic poker terminology that will help you understand the rules to a letter:

All-in: betting all available money.
American Airlines: a pair of Aces.
Ante: a small bet placed before a hand is to be dealt.
Babies: non-aces needed for the lowest hand (2,3,4,5).
Back to back: two of the same cards in a row.
Bad beat: a hand deemed unbeatable that but gets defeated by a better one.
Barn (Full Barn or Full Boat): Full House.
Bet: putting funds into the pot.
Bet for value: betting on a hand expected to be the best in the long run.
Bicycle (also called a ‘wheel’): the best low hand with aces.
Broadway: aces high.
Call: matching the previous bet.
Dead man: two pairs of aces and two pairs of eights.
Draw: replacing hand cards with new ones.
Flush: one suit five cards poker hand.
Lid: the top deck card.
Live card: the card that hasn’t been revealed.
Nut: the best possible hand.
Rainbow: a group of different suits cards.
Rush: a winning streak.
Showdown: the end of the turn when the players reveal their hands. The best one wins the pot.
Stack: money put on the table by the player.
Steal: victory achieved by bluffing.
Uphill: chasing a better hand.
Wild card: a joker.

These would be the basic terms sufficient for a successful game of poker, regardless of the variant. For more terms and strategies, please refer to our knowledgebase at Poker Deposit Bonuses.

Poker Deposit Bonuses

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